Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In the news

No, they aren't members of Vancouver's finest. They are hired by the transit system to catch fare-skippers and to maintain security. Nonetheless they are armed. The only non-regular force in Canada to do so.

Lately the transit security police are in the news because in addition to the regualar fire-arms they are equipped with the infamous "taser". The local media had dscovered that the transit police had on more than one occasion used the taser on non-violent but fleeting non-fare payers.

How much is the fare? It is $2.50 for one zone. Imagine being tased for $2.50 which is about the price of a latte at Starbucks.


bananamonkey said...

Ya know, honestly, if I was taking the Skytrain and someone near me happened to not pay the fare and gets Tasered, I will most probably be scarred for life, thus making me not take a form of transportation I happened to enjoy. I mean, damn, there are better ways to punish fare evaders, and Tasering them is not an option. I don't even think these authority figures have learned anything since the Dziekanksi incident.

How disgusted I was when I read the news in regards to the transit police using the Taser for such cases like this. Absolutely ridiculous.

HTC Touch said...

Let's hope the inquiry and latest study will make them see the light before anymore life is lost to its use.

Steven said...

This is extremely awesome, show's that an expensive camera is def not needed to take beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing, great blog!


HTC Touch said...


Thanks for your kind words.