Monday, April 7, 2008

Bus shelters

A few years ago Translink decided to terminate its relationship with Neon Products of Vancouver once the existing contract was up. The successful bidder agreed to replace the existing bus shelters with metal and glass structures such as this. These are so common now most people (or is it just me?) are under the impression that all have been replaced.

The other day while waiting for the light at the corner of Hastings and Clark I happened to looked around and saw this:

An old wooden bus shelter! It gave me a kind of went back in time feeling. Or was it how it feel to be in the Twilight Zone?


bananamonkey said...

On West 49th and Arbutus (in Kerrisdale), there is still a wooden bus shelter. The funny thing about that is, on the West 49th side, there are the nice looking glass shelters, but around the corner on Arbutus, a lonely wooden one. But honestly, if you're installing new glass bus shelters for an area that maybe oh, I don't know, install all glass shelters and not leave one out? Gasp! What a concept!

HTC Touch said...

Now that you've mentioned I remember seeing that bus shelter. May be there is a quota and they had fulfilled it? Or they want the bus shelter to blend in with the plantation along the unused rail track?