Friday, April 11, 2008

In a hurry?

This driver must be in a hurry because he crossed an intersection without stopping at the stop sign. But he was looking all the while doing it to make sure it was safe for him to do so. However, it was all for naught because of this red light a short block away. We all have to come to a full stop and wait.

This car was the second car waiting to make a right turn and merged into traffic on East 54th. The driver didn't even slow down at the corner but tailgated the first vehicle. The upside is better to have him in front rather than behind me.

This driver just pulled into traffic on Main St. from a parking spot. Sure, traffic was slow moving but he actually forced his way in. It was a case of letting him in or be involved in an accident.

All these happened in the space of a couple of hours which led me to think April 10 was full moon. After checking the calendar I realized we just have some aggressive drivers.

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