Thursday, August 21, 2008

Recycle and reuse

This is saucer of chilly sauce and hot muster from Pink Pearl Chinese Seafood Restaurant. You may wonder "what so special about it?" To make a long story short. We were there for lunch today and asked for chilly sauce. The server checked and didn't see any at the nearest service station and went away. When he came back and started to serve another table naturally we assumed he had forgotten.

We asked another staff who seemed to be either a captain or manager. Again he checked at the nearest service station with the same result. He, too, walked away but stopped at the table beside ours which was not cleared of the dirty dishes. He, his name tag says Lawrence, picked this saucer from the table and put it on ours.

This is taking recycle and reuse to the next level.

Did we used it? No.

Did we bring the matter up with management there? No.

Will be tell our friends and others? Yes.


canadian.banana said...

Eew!!! This is so gross!! If I ever go to this restaurant, I'm going to make damn sure this doesn't happen to us.


Anonymous said...

Better hurry if you want to go there. With the way things are don't think it'll be away long.