Tuesday, August 19, 2008

False Creek

The eastern section of False Creek.



canadian.banana said...

Ahh.. False Creek. Gotta love the area. I honestly didn't know around by Science World was a playground. Goes to show you I don't venture out to this area all that much.

HTC Touch said...

Vancouver or the Lower Mainland is a pretty big area. There are many places we never see or seldom venture to. The last time I was at Maple Ridge was almost 30 years ago.

canadian.banana said...

Ha! You're better than me. I've NEVER ventured out to Maple Ridge before.

And here I always thought you were somewhat of a young guy. You know, like late 30s-early 40s maybe. I don't know.

HTC Touch said...

Would be great if I can turn the clock back 20 or 30 years. Actually the first to go is not a person's mind but eyesight.