Friday, August 22, 2008

False alarm

Yesterday evening there was a bit of excitement in our normal quiet neighbourhood. Looked out our window we saw not one but two cruisers. The officers went to the house across street. Spoke with the owners and left. Apparently what happened was he went on top of his roof and another neighbour thought somebody was trying to break into the house. They did have to produce ID's to satisfy the police that do live there.

A week ago the emergency response team made an appearance also. Two neighbours met and agreed to meet again the next day. At the agreed upon time one neighbour knocked on the door of the other. She panicked when there was no answer because the other neighbour a couple of months ago had a stroke. A member of the emergency response team managed to enter the house and found nobody home.

As it turned out she had a conflict on appointments.

We are thankful that cases are false alarms.

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