Tuesday, July 21, 2009


That's SPAM! Suddenly this blog got spammed. Some used software to post comments in multiple days which makes it very time consuming to delete. Please just ignore comments from:

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  • naveen
  • 鋼鐵人帥哥
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  • Laurance

I'll repeat this is future postings.


Tan Truong said...

Hey, I am very excited to come across your webpage. I too have HTC Touch 3452, and my pictures quality are no where near as yours. Orginal ROM or custome rom? I have WM6.5 and perhaps you could tell me what settings you use for these photos.
dont' want to spam your page..please email taninpv@gmail.com. Thnx

Melvin said...

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justice said...

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Andrew said...

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Vince said...

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Messed Up said...

I find it funny every one is getting spammed, (but me) my site must really be bad lol.

Tara said...

LOL I hate SPAM, but love to fry it up with ketchup!