Saturday, July 18, 2009

Beard Papa's

After opening its first store in the Lower Mainland a couple of years ago at the Aberdeen Centre in Richmond, Beard Papa's is branching out. A new outlet will open at Burnaby's Metrotown, right by the Superstore entrance.

A couple of summers ago all the favourable reviews got the better of me. Actually waited close to 30 minutes at its Richmond outlet for half-a-dozen cream puffs.

Was it worth it? it is good but not good enough to waste 30 minute. Apparently many share this opinion because there was no lineup when I went by a few months ago.


Anonymous said...

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canadian.banana said...

Heh, really now?? I guess I just have to see how good (or bad) this place is. My friend swears by its goodness, so we'll see.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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HTC Touch said...

Only if you happen to be there. Wouldn't make a special trip just for it.

It replaces the donut shop. The air is much better since.