Saturday, July 25, 2009


The once lowly cellphone has evolved into an almost all purpose mobile unit. I think people are accessing the non-cellphone functions such as email, games, surfing, GPS, and music than making calls. I could be way off base but watch it to replace the laptops and netbooks in the near future.


Anonymous said...

How sad indeed. Personally speaking. I would be lost if I leave the house without my cellphone. I use my cellphone for work(email, files xtranser,etc), gps(maps), games(entertain me when bored),camera, personal. How did I survive 10 years ago, when smart phones are non-exist!

HTC Touch said...

We used to carry dedicated units. Wasn't that long ago most of us packed a cellphone, pda, and mp3 players before heading out the door. Before cellphones people used pagers and payphones. And before that it was waited till get back to the office.