Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June bride

A restaurant in Richmond seems determined to land more than its share of the wedding reception/banquet business. These are just a sample of its window display.


bananamonkey said...

Ha! I actually went to that restaurant for a wedding banquent that happened in June. Not this year though.

Anonymous said...

How was it? Passed by it a few times during the day and it never seemed busy. There were a few tables but no crowd to speak of. May be it is the location.

bananamonkey said...

It was excellent. Ours was extremely busy because I'm from a big family, so there were a lot of relatives and friends. That's weird you mention how it doesn't really seem busy. It seems busy to me if we go for a normal lunch. Filled to capacity, or close. But then again, I haven't gone back there recently so I don't know about the supposed lack of crowds.

Banquet-wise I wouldn't know as it was just my one experience to date.