Thursday, August 6, 2009

A week later

The promised new dsl modem finally arrived, one full week after the more than 2 hour not-too-productive phone call with Telus.

It was delivered by Canada Post. The shipping label says the shipping date was Tuesday, August 4 from Calgary. In other words it took just the same amount of time for Telus to transfer information from one department to other as the postal service to move a parcel from one city to another.

Setup was easy except for the default password which was taken care of with a call to tech support. The surprise was Telus' tech support not only wanted to use the less secure WEP but also 64-byte not even 128-byte. The reason he gave was people have problem keying a set of large numbers twice. Telus certainly needs to rethink this one. Or are we Canucks so honest?

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