Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chinatown Festival

This weekend is the 10th Annual Chinatown Festival. Didn't know about this event until 3 years ago which demonstrate how out-of-touch we are with Chinatown and/or the organizers' poor publicity skill.

My impression of this year's event is really just an extension of the weekly nigh market with the addition of the high end autos and the banks.

One of the surprise was seeing a stand selling hot dogs. The bigger surprise was seeing somebosy eating one.


canadian.banana said...

Ah! You must have been there when I was there. And judging by these photos, it looks like I have escaped from you potentially taking a photo of me. Hahaha!

HTC Touch said...

I was there about 2:30 or so. Did you tried the health drink at one of the tents? First time in a long time that I turned down a free sample. Who knows what's in there.

canadian.banana said...

Didn't try any of the food there although they did smell really good.

HTC Touch said...

The thought of sampling the food never entered my mind. It could be that I just ate or I'm getting old.