Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weapon of destruction

To you and I this is a stapler but to the RCMP as we were told at the Braidwood inquiry this is a weapon of destruction. Four members of the force confronted Robert Dziekanski who was holding the stapler. Their fear of it was so great despite wearing body amour that Robert Dziekanski was tasered not once but five times within 31 seconds. Sadly Robert Dziekanski went into cardio arrest and died.

Even more sad was the fact that the officers' notes on the incident were far from being truthful. We wouldn't know any difference if not for an amateur video. Next time when an RCMP officer has to testify in court Canadians can't help but wonder about the reliability truthfulness of the testimony. Sad, very sad.

Here is the video that the RCMP didn't wanted to return to the owner who had to hired a lawyer and threaten legal action. We can see why the RCMP want to suppress it.

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