Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not the way to do business

These were by the front entrance to the Pacific Press' downtown building. Went there recently to pay my Vancouver Sun subscription. On some days during the December heavy and lengthy snowfall the paper never showed up. On my first call I spoke to a live person and was given credit for the two missing days. On subsequent calls a recording came on saying all customers will receive credits for the missed days. I counted a total of 4, excluding the 2 i was credited, missed deliveries.

Imagine my surprise when the bill came and the only credit was the first 2 days. I called the number on the bill and a Pacific Press employee checked their records and confirmed indeed there was an additional 4 days.

Sure I received my credits but I think onus should be on Pacific Press or CanWest, the parent company, to live up to the recorded message instead of adjusting their billings only when and if the customer complains. Certainly not the way to do business.

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