Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snow banks

Heavy snowfalls result in snow banks. Last year after a more than normal heavy snow a home owner in Quebec was looking at the pile of snow his backyard. As a lark he decided to auction it off at eBay. Don't remember the exact final bid but it was over $5,000. Apparently the winner didn't realized he was buying a huge amount of snow. Eventually a kind heart soul stepped in purchased the snow when word went out that the entire proceed was for charity.


canadian.banana said...

The heavy, heavy piles of snow makes me want to barf. Thankfully the snow has finally subsided and they don't really look like mounds all that much. Well, at least some parts here in Vancouver.

Anonymous said...

Have pity on those in the Maritimes. They are getting hit with half-a-meter of snow today. Condition is so bad that PEI has called off the snowplows.