Sunday, October 5, 2008

Run for the cure II

There was a nice turnout. I arrived just as they started the countdown. So I was literally bringing up the rear. As I slowly picked my way through the crowd I saw a figure stood by the curb and shook people's hands as they walked, no room to run, by. Was wondering who he was then my eyes and brain got together and said that's Gordon Campbell. Further down the way and on the opposite side of the street was Sam Sullivan.

Click here for slideshow of all the photos today and a video with some of these photos.


canadian.banana said...

Haha, nice!! Gotta love seeing the photo of the Asian guy with the pink wig and pink dress. So full of awesomeness. =Þ

Definitely a good turnout. Too bad the Campbell at the run wasn't the Larry.

HTC Touch said...

Larry is smart not to hang around too long and wears out his welcome. Getting appointed to the Senate is a very cushy appointment. With the pension there he's set for life.