Monday, July 21, 2008

Beaver at work

This was an International News outlets doing what I considered brisk business. Either appearance is deceiving or the mall has jacked the rent high enough for the owner to deem continue operation inviable. Soon it'll be a Bell store selling handsets.

The question now becomes why is Bell opening another outlet in the mall given their existing one, see next photo, isn't exactly overwhelmed with customers.


bananamonkey said...

I cannot stand those two annoying beavers. One of them, I'm pretty sure is voiced by Norm Macdonald (Canadian, and former actor on SNL) which makes it even worse because I didn't like his acting.

Nothing beats the Telus animal ads! Those rock. Especially the ones with the squirrel monkeys.

HTC Touch said...

Wish their service is half as good as the animal ads. Telus annoyed me enough that I signed up with Clearnet when it started operation despite with a year left on my contract. I called forward my Telus to the Clearnet for the entire year. Guess what? My combined monthly bills were lower than the old Telus bill because Clearnet was billed by the seconds instead of minutes.

But eventually Telus bought Clearnet and now I'm back with Telus again. But as an old Clearnet customer I'm still on the old plan, bill by the seconds.