Friday, February 12, 2010

Torch relay

On the corner of Georgia and Homer ran into a huge crowd who gathered to view the torch relay as it headed towards the last stop before the evening's opening ceremony. The crowd was so large that it was impossible to get a glimpse of torch bearer who could only walked due to the size of the crowd. People climbed onto any high point such as lamp standards and bench for a better view.

The torch bearer was supposed to light the cauldron at the Aboriginal Pavilion. Initially the cauldron wouldn't light. He made 4 - 5 attempts. Even holding the torch over the cauldron for lengthy period of time without ignition. The futility drew laughter from the huge crowd of onlookers. A loud cheer erupted from the crowd once the cauldron came to life.


the.banana said...

Georgia & Hamilton, actually. And whaddya know, I was there somewhere in the crowds waiting to catch a glimpse of the torch bearer!

HTC Touch said...

You mean we may had met and not realizing it?

the.banana said...

Heehee! Actually I don't think we would have met seeing how my significant other and I were on the other side of the area where you were.