Friday, September 12, 2008

Robson Court

These photos are taken on Sept. 11 yet the rhododendron is in bloom.


canadian.banana said...
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canadian.banana said...

Wow, you made your way through the disgusting alleys of Downtown Vancouver. What filthy, stinky walking spaces. Back in the day, a friend and I used to stand in the freezing cold in these alleyways (especially behind the Commodore Ballroom and Vogue Theatre) hoping to catch a glimpse of our favourite local band leaving after soundchecks before their concerts. Gutsy and just a tad obsessive.

HTC Touch said...

There's an empty lot which I just cut across and took the photos. Didn't needed to walk along the alleys. Besides these are really good when compare to those between Hastings and Cordoba or Cordoba and Powell.